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If you are facing criminal charges, you need to consult with a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney for a free consultation right now because everything you do today can help your case get resolved favorably for you.

Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys have a winning track record and that will give you the edge. There are many things that should be done early on that can give you the advantage to resolve your legal problem successfully. For example, did you know that prosecutors do actually want to know if there are problems with proving their case? When a prosecutor is contemplating on whether to file criminal charges, they want to know if they can prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. We have convinced prosecutors in many cases to drop cases based on important information that their detective or police officer overlooked or did not know about.

Preparing for Court is important . Taking a wait and see approach is not an effective way to defend your case. When the governement is going after you with criminal charges, you need to be ready to defend yourself. That is why we start putting together a strategy the moment we are hired.

Why are police reports written in a one sided manner?

The police often have to make a quick determination when investigation a police call what actually happend and who did what to whom. Often times, police label the person beaten up the most as the victim without regard to what actually caused the altercation. In addition, once the police pick sides as to who is the victim, they often write their reports in a manner favorable to getting someone convicted of alleged offense.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys try to get information that is helpful to your case to the detective or filing prosecutor before charges are filed. This can lead to a case being rejected for filing and your case dropped.

Why we win cases. Preparation is the key to success in the court room. Most lawyers simply do nothing until you go to court. Then on the first court date they approach the prosecutor and say, "whats the offer?" Then, without the benefit of reviewing the police report thoroughly, they ask you to plead guilty. This is the wrong approach to handle your case. Unless you show the prosecutor that there are problems in proving the case or that there are mitigating circumstances, you will not get a successful result. We start working on your case the day we are hired by you. We get very effective results because we know what will influence a court or a prosecutor in getting a case dismissed or resolved for lesser charges.

Jail Alternatives - We are very familiar with all jail alterantives available and we will do everything possible to explore all possible options. In one case a client was charged with carjacking, a charge that normally involves a commitment to state prison. However, we were able to resolve the case to unlawful taking of a vehicle for one year in the county jail. After sentencing, we were able to get the client to qualify for house arrest. Had the client not retained our office, he probably would have been convicted of a strike and served time in state prison.

In another case, we represented a client accused of stabbing the victim mulitple times. We were able to convince the prosecutor to allow the client to spend a year in a live in rehabilitation program.

In another case involving a strong arm robbery, we were able to have the client serve a year at Victory Outreach instead of going to state prison. The co-defendant who was not able to get the same results.

We have been ranked "Superb" by the nations largest client and peer review legal directory.

Personalized Service. Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys will keep you informed of your case each step of the way. By meeting with the client in person or by phone conference on a regular basis, you will know everything that is going on.

Cases our Los Angeles Criminal Attorneys handle. We handle all felonies and misdemeanors ranging from Sex Offenses, Domestic Violence, DUI, Hit and Run and Juvenile Defense.

Sex Crimes - Our Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney has the knowledge in defending sex crimes cases and have kept many of our clients from going to prison and from having to register as sex offenders. Our criminal defense team defend clients facing alleged violations of penal code 288 (a), 288.5, Statutory Rape, 261.5, 647.6 and 314. Our winning record can help you or your loved ones.

Domestic Violence - We are effective in helping resolve cases involving allegations of penal code section 273.5 or 243(e)(1). Often times domestic violence arguments arise out of poor communication and built up anger toward one another. In other situations, cases involve because of overzealous police officers who make a situation bigger than it is. Did the police arrest your loved one over a small argument and now you have to post a $50,000.00 bond? A conviction for domestic violence could require 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling allowing with a protective order and the possibility of jail. The amount of jail if any will often depend on the injuries inflicted upon the victim. The more severe the injuries, the more serious the case. Fortunately we have the experience to help you during these very difficult times.

Defense Lawyers will develop a strategy from our initial meeting with our client to help them avoid jail and possibly get the entire case dismissed or get the charges reduced.

Juvenile Defense - Our criminal defense team also represents children facing juvenile court and school expulsion hearings.

Criminal Appeals - Our criminal appellate attorney Pat Andreoni has successful won numerous cases before the California Court of Appeals. Many of her cases have certified for publication because of their significance on the law.

Federal Law - Alan Eisner is a certified criminal law specialist who is well known in the federal court system. You may contact him directly at (818) 781-1570. Mr. Eisner is very familiar with the federal court system and is proficient in the federal sentencing guidelines. Call him for immediate legal assistance.

Theft Crimes - Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense team also handles all theft related crimes including Grand Theft, Embezzlement, Petty Theft, Identity Thefy, Fraud, and Forgery.

Hit & Run Crimes - If you are accused of a leaving the scene of a automobile accident, you should contact our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney immediately. We have resolved many cases without charges being filed and for other cases, we have helped mitigate the circumstances in court.

Bench Warrants - If you have a failure to appear, the court has issued a warrant for your arrest. It is difficult to leave a peaceful life knowing there is a bench warrant for you. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Los Angeles can often recall a bench warrant for all misdemeanor charges and for felony warrants we will accompany you to court to help you recall that warrant.

Probation Violations - If you have a probation violation, you face the possibility of going to jail. Call our Criminal Defense Attorneys for immediate legal assistance.

Our criminal defense lawyers have successfully handled more than 2000 felony and misdemeanor cases. Our head trial counsel previously worked as a prosecutor and is very successful in handling both State, Federal and Juvenile matters.

Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense Team includes investigators with experience as former L.A. County Sheriffs and former Los Angeles Police Officers. Because they have worked for the opposing side, they know when a police officer is not following proper procedures and this can sometimes be devasting to the prosecutions case. These former police officers compliment your successful criminal defense.

We are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may speak to a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney by calling us toll free at 1-866- 548-2529 or at (626) 232-0970. Call us today because we can help you at this very moment.